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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Spiderman is Surprise Guest

On Friday (06/23) I hosted my son's 3rd birthday party. We had great food (we love to eat) and tons of friends and family over for the joyous milestone occasion. My son has a love for Spiderman, we're not sure where this love has come from but it's great. After talking with my friends about this love I find out that B...has a costume of Spiderman from a Halloween Party and let us borrow it. Thanks again B. I asked my nephew (S) if he would do the honor of playing the part and he was quite thrilled about it...so after opening all the gifts - the doorbell suddenly rings - my little man takes off like a bolt of lightening to find the web wonder standing at the door with a new spiderman bike and helmet all the while shooting silly string from his hands. Little man proceeds to literally try to climb up my leg into my arms out of fear of this unknown creature standing before him...and all I can do is laugh...but after about 5 minutes my son finally decides to give Spiderman high 5 and thank him for coming...all while still being in mommy's arms. Thank you Spiderman for a job well done!! Funny thing about this story is if you ask Little Man who came to his party he screams Spiderman as proud as can be and then we ask what he did when Spiderman came to the house and he says, "I cried." I love this little boy!!


Blogger Diane said...

The spiderman party sounds like it was wonderful. I need to go look at the pictures from his party once I find my password to see them. My nephew is growing and changing so fast.

It is at times like this, that I wished that we lived closer.

4:55 PM  

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