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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Day after Bday Party

My son wakes at 730 (on 6/30) - yelling from his room - HEY MOM; HEY MOM...I slowly open my eyes and yell back over HEY WHAT? COME ON OVER...he does...only to learn - his pillow is wet...I check it's slobber...how nice...my son drools in his sleep...

We proceed with the fight of "do you want to go potty?" question back and forth he finally does go. Yes, I bribed him with something chocolate of course...but hey whatever works...

I tell him to meet me downstairs to get dressed...I hear wheels roaming over my hardwood floors look out of the den only to see a buck naked 3 year old riding his spiderman scooter thru the first floor of our house...GO SPIDY...


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