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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lost and Found?

I think I have become bored with my blog world. I love to read blogs, just not type them as much anymore. Ahem…love to read because I want to know what everyone else is doing and love getting lost in someone’s warped world…as if mine is not warped enough. Besides, who really who cares what I am doing? It is more interesting to learn about others then myself, I think.

I get lost in other blogs, people’s lives; their struggles; their accomplishments; their children’s wondrous marvels. They are blogs that do not make me feel alone in my day to day struggles; accomplishments and my own little marvels. It makes me feel…well…good. Good by knowing I am not the only one out there that has pains and gains.

In a nutshell, I am just a plain Jane mother; a full time employee who thinks her work rocks most of the time. I still love to play volleyball; socialize and travel. I still live in a small hick town trying to make it like everyone else.

I get excited about things and then bored with things after the challenge has worn off. I think there are only two things in life that do not ever bore me, one being most important my son. He is my greatest accomplishment and everyday is a wonderful yet challenging one – that is one challenge that will never die, raising a child, motherhood.

My second is playing volleyball even at my rightful age of 30 plus 4 I love that game. I love the team feeling when on the court. I love the winning and sometimes the losing because that means I have not achieved the game to perfection.

Maybe a break is all I need. A vacation perhaps? I have plenty of life stories to tell I just do not want to blog them, I guess. I could be just in a funk and after being on the computer all day clicking on the keyboard when I get home is the furthest thing from my mind. That may make me lazy or just at a point in my life where I am over the story telling. Who knows what I am right now.

A new challenge; to figure what it is I want or what I am all about, maybe.

Phew, glad we had this little chat. I feel a little better...I think...



Blogger Frankofile said...

Just hopped this way from FamilyAffairs. Lovely to find you - just read your post about invisible mom and cathedral building. Excellent!

I understand what you write about do-I-keep-blogging - can't imagine how you find the time. Good though to have some kind of record?

3:12 AM  

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