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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Gym Rats

By using this above title I don't really mean Rat as in the animal sense...these are folks who are at the gym at least 3+ times a week. Today as I was crunching it out working on my over the hill body when I decided to take in the scenery...as you will note I love people watching...

I noticed more guys standing around bs-ing and checking themselves out in the 50+ mirrors they have on the walls...why is this? Why do men feel the need to stand there staring at themselves for minutes on end looking at their bodies. Meanwhile, I'm pounding it out on the treadmill or some other machine trying not to pass out and die.

Some of these kids are nicely built meaning not overdone. Although, there is one kid (and I say kid because he's not 25 yet)in particular that I found myself noticing more then the others - no there's not attraction - I personally think he's overbuilt and on some type of drug...and my hubby is the total package - but this kid is huge all around - except for his tiny little head. Imagine a barbie doll head on a cabbage patch kids body...to bad there's not a machine to work out your head muscle growth I guess...because if there was he'd be doing it I'm sure.

The best part about this crazy little story is today I decided to join in the fun (as I know most of these gym rats fairly well)...as I got up from my workout and starting heading towards the free weights, I stopped stood in front of the mirror and checked myself out while raising my arms doing the bicep curl and kissing both biceps. So boys would you like to buy tickets to this gun show?

Please note - I felt rather stupid doing it, so I still can't understand why men don't feel the same way...


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