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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Silly Reindeer Games….

Remember the game scruples? You probably played it when at a home adult party after a few brewski's and fruitie loaded alcoholic beverages. If not, and if you don't know the game it's a game where you're asked off the wall questions then decide if you would do it or not.

For example, if you were walking on the beach and noticed a couple having sex would you stop and watch? How many people would? I for one know what I would do. Stop, let my jaw hit the ground and let out the gasp of "Oh my!" Then walk away thinking good for them! So yeah, I guess that is considered watching but only briefly. Does that count as actually watching?

My friend T-dawg (again 2nd honorable mention) and I were having this decussion via email one day. Just out of the blue crazy questions flew via air waves. Call it want you want, I was having one of those work block moments and needed that smoke break. Since I don't smoke it turned into a vicious cycle of a few emails that lasted shorter then a smoke break does.

The question which was proposed, If you had a friend of the opposite sex that was your best friend "and I mean BFF" would you kiss them knowing there would be no ill fate fallen after that kiss?

I had to think about this as I have two guys who are my BFF's and I tell them everything and anything. So my answer was, of course, only because I'm the nosey type and would do it just to see what their furture girlfriends and wives have gotten themselves into.

But then again, I think maybe I like the unknown as I know these guys way more in detail then anyone else would so maybe I wouldn't want to know. It's probably for the best I don't...So I guess there is my answer, No.

Again, this was just for fun not for real and gave us two crazy girlies a good chuckle on a what would you do type thing.


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