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Friday, September 08, 2006

Steelers Win 28-17!!

WOO HOO - what a game - well at least what I saw of it. I decided to turn over and fall asleep after the 1 yard mishap. I know, what a true fan...boo to me...You're right I had them done, down for the count...until...what did my eyes just deceive me???

I watched all the highlights this morning at 5:30 AM while pounding away on the treadmill, I even let out a loud cheer as they made the touchdown play after the coaches red flag challenge on the previous touchdown play...grrr...damn those challenges... Great job "Batch, Ward and Parker...and all the others"

All 6 of the other morning gym rats looked over at me after my cheer in disgust as I stated, What? I know, I'm a bad fan. I missed the 4th quarter - I rolled over and went to bed after the mishap. While thinking - I know they all wanted to do the same thing. I will do better next time and stick the whole game out. Now back to your work out routines!!



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