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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Last night, I sat and pondered over many memories and happenings in my life as the hubby and LM played baseball in the backyard. While thumbing thru the thick stack of magazines I hadn't gotten to look thru this month. I hate magazine subscriptions. I take one glance thru and toss.
Eh, back to the subject at hand

I have so many great breath taking adventures in my 30+1 years of life. The best memories are not only of my present family and family of my growing up years but several with my many many friends.

Due to my connections to the volleyball community in Johnstown and Altoona I have been blessed with the opportunity to make many friends in which I cherish very much. I always hear from several folks - "You know so many people, you have so many friends."

As I pondered last night, the thoughts of our many years of beach trips popped into my thoughts. My my the times we have all shared - the sayings of "What happens at the beach stays at the beach" has rung true for 12 years for me now. Not that anything that shouldn't happen happens - it's just a great saying to make everyone else envious they weren't there.

I grew up with these friends - I started the beach trip when I was 19 and now 12 years later I'm still with them and love them all very much. Our 2nd trip of the year is coming upon us fast and I can't wait. It's all about fun, sun and sand and OOOooo the secrets (not really just fun to throw that out there.)

I have learned the best memories are those that with thoughts and eyes closed your 5 senses come alive. It makes me want to storage them in a huge tupperware container and bring it out showing the memories off at gatherings. I do that with these memories I have, nothing beats the smell of the salty air; the cool ocean breeze on a hot day. The laughter that you share with your teammate/friends and especially the taste of the ice cold brewski at the end of a long day of playing.

The best thing about this group is they have shared all my life pains; victories; blood; sweat and tears never once complaining (at least that I know of). ;) They help me stay strong when I want to give up; the help push me when I don't think I can make one more play - my life cheerleaders.

As the years have gone by new friends have joined the "beach circle," as I like to refer it to, with few leaving; the beach trips just keep getting better every year.

So here is a huge salute to all of you who belong to the "Beach Circle." My we have many more years of playing; staying healthy; partying and of course winning!!

"There is always room for one more."


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