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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mouse is Away

The lovely hubby is leaving for a golf/booze fest for the weekend. So that leaves LM and myself to do whatever we please. I have taken off tomorrow - YIPPEE - and we're going to have a Mommy and Me day. I can't wait. I love those days when it's just me and the boy hanging out, no rules, no schedule just free to do whatever we please.

Due to the fact that I'm leaving him with his wild Aunt Darcy and crazy Uncle Tim on Saturday while I trollop to Inner Harbor for a girls night out - who does this crazy stuff? I thought it would be best to hang with LM and give him a day of my fullest attention so tomorrow it is - and the best part - NO RULES. He'll love it.

I may even let him sleep in my bed for the next two nights or maybe not - got to think that one thru. I can't think of anything better then the butterfly kisses he gives me when he's wanting to go to sleep or wake me up.

My friend, Tam, and I are meeting up with another friend, JC, who lives in the Baltimore area and we haven't seen her in 5+ years - I can't wait. Bring on the Cheesecake Factory and lots of shopping and OOOoooo girl time. Then hopefully I'll meet with my nephew B for drinks and a little clubbing. Nothing like partying with your older Aunt and her older friends. Poor kid!!!

As for an update on my friend and his girl issues...Still at stage one...O the drama...Just to let you know what a dear he is - he's picking up Starbucks for me and a co-worker only to deliver right here at work. You can't beat that deal!!


Blogger Di said...

I have to make a comment to thank your friend for stopping at Starbucks and delivering us Latte's and sweet things.........What a gem, hey i will go tell that girl she does not know what she is missing....HELLO............Nice guy, great toys, adores you.....

6:24 AM  
Blogger DMM said...

Di you are too cute!! i'm glad to have you as a co-worker...

6:36 AM  

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