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Friday, August 04, 2006

Questions, questions, questions

My LM has now been at his new Daycare/Preschool for a full week. So the other night I'm asking questions and the conversation was quite interesting.

I asked him - "So, who did you play with today?"

He proceeds to stand and look around while his wheels turn he answers, "Angel."

"O Angel", I say...how nice. "How about anybody else?" "Did you meet any boys to play with?"

"Um, no Mom, just Angel."

"O, is she your girlfriend?"


My son - the Pimp Daddy of Daycare/Preschool.

*weeping* I've lost him to another girl and he's only 3. His daddy very proud, of course.

But then today when we asked his teacher who Angel is she replies with "There is no Angel."

Ah, my heart is happy again!!


Blogger Diane said...

Boys. We went from being a family of all GIRLS growing up to a family with boys as the majority.

Gotta love it. My lovely nephew is dreaming about girls. Did he make her up or simply thinks of one of the girls as Angel? Don't know, but it's so cute.

6:40 AM  

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