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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Nuts & Bolts

Not sure what to blog about today. Should I bore you with stories about my awesome friend they call T-DAWG and her impeccable volleyball skills (there's your 5 seconds of fame t-dawg) I think I'll pass on that one.

Should I tell you how I went out last night to the local watering hole had a few beers to share in my friend Mike finally reaching the ever so young 29th birthday? I'll pass on that too.

Although, it was a fun night. I love people watching and at the bar is where you get your best scenery...especially when a guy you don't know or want bothered with has the stares, proceeds to approach you. You know his name, but he doesn't know yours and you just roll with it. He's still wondering how he knows her - HA he doesn't...but we all knew him. Pays to be friends with the bartenders!!

He apparently didn't see her WEDDING BANDS even when she waved them in his face. Stupid, stupid boy.

So today is just a kind of whatever free for all blog day.

I will mention though that I went to Wal-mart at lunch time the most annoy place in Johnstown especially at lunch time. I did, however, manage to get my concert photos developed and let me say one word, "SMOKIN!"

They turned out to only look fabulous!! Especially the ones I took of the jumbo-tron you would think I was standing on stage with Bon Jovi...hummmn...maybe I was...I'll never tell.


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