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Monday, July 17, 2006

Day at the Lake

Yesterday we got the invite to head over to Lake Raystown with friends of ours and their kids to spend the day jetting around the 28 mile (I believe) man made lake. I do not know much of the history of the lake other then it was once a town and some folks got the idea to cover it in water. I know I should read up on the history - who knows maybe I will today. http://raystown.nab.usace.army.mil/just_the_facts.htm

Any woo...so off we went Hubby, Little Man, myself and 7 other folks to lake for the day. Little Man has never been on a boat of any kind so I was concerned about his reaction to this HUGE LAKE and being on an iddity bitty (not really but you get all 10 people on there and it feels that way) boat equipped for 6 Adults. The day started off rocky as I left him with Daddy to go and park my friends car at the beach/picnic area and await the pick up.

Dad explained that Little Man got on the boat and had to pee. He refused to pee off the side of the boat and looked sadly in his Daddy's eyes right before they docked at the beach/picnic area and said "I wet myself."

How awful Dad & I both felt. Here we are trying to get him to the point where he is potty trained and we have no where for him to go...However by the end of the day - he was peeing off the boat like a champ.

The husband and I got the chance to go water tubing - what an exciting thrill - speeding over water at about 100 miles an hour (ok not that fast but I'm not sure how fast we were going I just know it was fast) hurdling over waves and "O MY" I felt like a kid again. I sat on the tube instead of being tuff girl and hanging on with my arms for dear life and having done that caused my rearend to feel numb from gliding over all those waves. Can you say you have honestly never had feeling in your butt? What a weird but kinda cool feeling.

Then out came the water skies...sure I'm athletic...I can get this...looks simple enough...boy was I way wrong...now my girlfriend made it look easy. I took about 3 tries and was done with it. I do have a little bit of a deep water phobia and after the 3rd time and not having any control in the water due to insurmountable waves I was outta there. Done for the day. But may I say - I did get up for about 5 seconds. Not to bad for my first try.

The Hubby - bound and determined was not giving up for anything. He didn't do bad the first few attempts. After putting the skies away for a few hours and trying again when the water was calmer (which is what I should have done) he was up and skiing for several minutes. The ever so proud wife and child watch cheering him on every second he's standing.

I have a new found respect for the water skiers. Wow what a hard sport to accomplish.

There was even some cliff jumping which I did not do (back to that deep water anxiety issues); the Husband and a few others decided to feel brave and did some jumping. The highest cliff is about 32 feet and of course that is the one the big boys had to jump from. Today he is complaining of a bruise on his butt. My response, No kidding?

Tyler did well on the boat as I mention above - even jumping in the water from the boats ladder and getting braver with every jump. I don't know what he thought about all the other excitement going on throughout the day but a great time was had by all.

Next time I will be getting back out there and I'll be getting up on those darn skies.


Blogger lv2scpbk said...

I use to live out at Raystown. Raystown is a man-made lake which started in the early 1970's. The goverment bought all the homes out and we had to move. Raystown got it's name from a man who came to Huntingdon and first built in the area. His name of course was Ray. He called it Rays...Town which is now known as Raystown. Just a brief history. There are still houses I have heard (I don't suba dive) that were left in tact and underwater. And by the way, if you read about the Ray loche nest monster. It is all fake! Someone made it up to get more business, I guess. Either they wanted to get more business or someone knows nothing of the name. Just a brief history. If you want to know more, let me know.

6:07 PM  
Blogger DMM said...

Lv2scpbk - Thanks so much for the info. I have friends who scuba dive and say that Raystown is very dark and murky. Makes me more nervous with my anexity for deep water...can't see what's coming to get me. I did hit the website but you gave me much more info. I knew about the brief history but not all of it. Thanks again for the info!!

12:08 PM  

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