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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Boys spelled B-U-S-Y

I have noticed that over the past few weeks I have really learned to sit back and just take life in and take more time to notice the little things that we forget about. One thing I have taken more notice to is just how busy my Little Man is. It's one event after the next and never a dull sit still for 5 minutes moment. Will I ever get that moment back and why do I miss it? Last night we went from watching Brother Bear - lasted honestly 10 minutes to being taken outside to pitch the ball so Little Man could blast me with his line drive. Have I mentioned my son is an athletic genius? That lasted maybe a half hour - then soccer became the next line item; then basketball; and finally dinner...which is a struggle when it's nice out. I have to bribed him to eat and stop playing.

Thank goodness the ultimate hubby was finally home to save me but really only to hear the whole time while eating "Daddy, are you done? Will you play with me?" With sad eyes he looks to me -"Mommy you done? Play with me?" I just wanted 5 minutes to sit and relax after a long day at work...where is the Calgone take me away when you need it? So after dinner the hubby takes him outside to play, yep football, for the remainder of the night - mommy finally wins that 5 minutes - which turned into cleaning up the house.

But in all honesty - I'm glad I have a BUSY BABY BOY - otherwise I would be bored with my life. Tonight - maybe hockey!!


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