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Friday, June 30, 2006

Baby No More

My son is now the Big 3 Years Old, I no longer have a baby (who am I kidding? He'll always be my baby.). It is a bitter sweet feeling. He's 3 and can do more on his own and isn't always needing or wanting me hovering over him - but that is also the bitter part. It saddens but thrills me to see him growing up so fast. I just want to freeze time and have him wanting to cuddle with me before bedtime and scream I love you's and Mommy I want more hugs and kisses, until I'm downstairs after I put him bed. The best is when he gently kisses me for no reason at all.

One day he'll become a teenager and learn to dislike me for unreasonable decisions in his eyes that I'll make for him (like no I won't buy you a car at 16 and hell no you can't have a co-ed sleep over or go to one.) This saddens me or maybe it just puts a fear in me that I can not control and I like being in control of my life and my child's life.

Last night after the dreaded volleyball game, which by the way we crushed the opponent easily and quickly as I predicted, I rushed home changed and back out the door again to celebrate the milestone event. We took Little Man to The Ranger miniature Golf Course and he did quite well. I think my son is an athletic genius, but what mother doesn't? We got half way thru the course and it began to rain. My son burst into song "Rain, Rain, Go Away." I stood in awe as I looked at him thinking he is the cutest thing God has ever given to me and I'm proud to be his momma. Hugs and kisses to my baby boy and Happy 3rd Birthday.

Today is the start of my vacation...I am counting down the hours until I leave work for the day. My desk is clean, all my work is done and life is good.


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