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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Beach Bound

We are this year going to Sandbridge, VA for a glorious 7 days of Sand, Sun and Fun. Not to mention good food, great beverages and company. I can not wait. I love to vacation, if it was a profession I would be CEO of that company. I love lazy days of watching my now 3 year old and his daddy playing in the sand and surf. Watching my husband and son play together is the most heart melting wonderful feeling out there. I must say it makes me realize again, why I married this man.

This will be Little Man's 2nd year of beaching it with us along with all Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, Nephews and Grandparents...So there are a total of 14 Adults and 13 Children in one house. One nephew can not make it (he just got back from Italy) and one is coming for the weekend. He is interning in Baltimore, MD for the summer. We have a huge beach front house with a pool and a ton of other amenities.

I'm looking forward to watching my child run up to the ocean and quickly run away from it as he did last year and just watching our family grow closer together and interact with every other family member. No worry of work issues; No computers; and No cell phones ringing. Other then to call my sister (di) on her birthday. Just family time which is needed greatly in this busy crazy society in today's warped world.

I have so much to do and feel there is so little time. I have been ill this week and all I do when I get home is go to bed. Tonight is Little Man's 3rd Birthday and I have a volleyball game where I must go, I tried to get out of it but cannot. Half our team is on vacation and we are playing some team that I do not care for as the the team is rude and think they are good. Truth is they are awful, horrible, play backyard like and think they are A players and it'll make for a miserable night. Plan is to go to the park - beat them fast - then take Little Man for Ice Cream and maybe mini-golf.

I am usually overly organized and not having time to even start v-ka mode is killing me to no end. Here I sit at work typing this on my "clean air break" wishing I was at home packing my son's beach towels and floaties. The good thing is...it will get done just not fast enough to make me happy.


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