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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Melting heart

Last night I had a chance to sit down and just take life in. O what a great feeling. Little Man and myself had dinner at my MIL's along with my nephew "A" - the hubby was working late and Little Man got taken to her house late afternoon - as we got there I was greeted with many hugs and kisses and mommy I missed you today which made me smile from ear to ear. My son knows what heart strings to pull and he's only 3 - amazing. ;)

As I started helping get dinner ready Little Man took off and started playing with "A". It was the sweetest thing ever. He asked "A" - "Will you play with me?" "A" responded with "Yes, what do you want to do?" Immediately they started chasing each other and playing hide and go seek. Now mind you my nephew is 21 and my child 3. I just stood in awe watching - taking it all in with my heart melting more every second. I was a proud Aunt at that moment. "A" even let Little Man wrestle with him on the ground. It was quite the site seeing a 3 year old beating on his older nephew. My son the bully. Again, melting heart.

Later on that night I took Little Man to the playground and we found his buddy "J" playing with his dad. "J" is a 5 year old who lives by my one of my SIL's and Little Man adores him. They played for the better part of an hour. Hubby stopped up after eating dinner, I was giving him some peace and quiet time (that's important when working late) he began to chase the two boys and play hide and go seek. Just standing watching made me proud to have him as a husband and father. You could hear those boys laughing and giggling throughout the neighborhood. I have come to learn that there is no better sound then a child's laughter. Melting hearts everywhere. Kudos to my Nephew and Husband who really know how to make someone smile and realize how lucky they are to have them part of their life.


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