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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Savings at the Pump

We finally have a Get Go gas station in the area. For those of you not familiar with a Get Go - it's a gas station chain developed by the ingenious corporate employees at Giant Eagle.

The deal is: Shop at Giant Eagle grocery store and get a savings for gas for every $50 you spend at their store. You must have the Giant Eagle Advantage Card and have it swiped every time you buy something - even the smallest item. Hey it all adds up.

I finally went grocery shopping after getting back from vacation - get to the counter pull out the infamous Giant Eagle Advantage Card and the endless sound of beeping begins. I had a lot of groceries and spent some serious hard earned cash that day.

As the cashier hands me my receipt he says - "Have you used the Get Go yet?" My reply was, "No, didn't realize they were open." He explains, "They are and you have a savings of .40 per gallon up to 30 gallons of gas."

Little does he know my little Civic is only about 13 gallons...30 gallons to me is a lot of gas and savings...

I think - WOO HOO send me to the pump!! I don't know about you but paying for gas is not a favorite thing of mine. So low and behold yesterday on my way to work, I drive to the Get Go - gas is $2.95 - I swipe my precious Giant Eagle card and the price automatically bumps down to a wonderful $2.55!! Not really that wonderful but it beats the $2.95 price.

My receipt is screaming a savings of $4.97 at the bottom - this is the best corporate concept ever!! Well maybe not the BEST ever but I'm pretty thrilled about it.


Blogger Diane said...

We only get 3 to 5 cents savings a gallon at Safeway in Colorado.

I worry about the price of gas. Everything is going up in price as of late. I see many more people riding around on scooters, bicycles and motorcycles trying to stretch their gas budget further.

It makes me think that a hybrid or a small car with great gas mileage is in my near future.

9:58 AM  

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