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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Good plays Bad plays

I like to think for the most part that I am a decent athlete. I mean really, who doesn't? Last night was my co-ed volleyball league night and you would have thought that I never played the game. Usually on co-ed night I am an outside hitter being the tall girl that I am and backrow defensive specialist. Usually my defense is pretty decent as well. There is nothing like digging the heck out a good spike and thinking, "Is that all you got?"

All my basic skills were blown out the window last night starting with being in the wrong place on the court at the wrong time and reading every hit/block wrong. I kept saying to myself, bend those knees; keep that back straight; don't swing your arms; keep your serve mighty and aggressive...nothing seemed to work. Other then - me saying to myself - "Just sit down or go home!"

Do all athlete's have those days or is it just me? I know you are your worst critic and I am way to hard on myself. I feel that since I've been playing before the start of time, there is no room for errors on the court.

Maybe it was the heat? It was 90 degrees at 600 here in sunny J-town. I'm playing on a new team who has been playing together for years and I'm trying to get in my comfort zone with them, maybe that's it. Not sure what the issues are but they better work themselves out or it's going to be a long season for me.

O the excuses I can come up with for having a bad volleyball night. Good thing the beer at the bar was nice and cold.


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