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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Playground Mayhem

Last night we, the fam, went to see my nephew's all star baseball game. As we're watching the game my son decides to play with Baby J's walking/push toy. This toy has been passed down thur all the grandchildren all 14 of them and my son loved it when he was a baby. As he's taking a run (I say run because that's what he does with it now, runs) with this toy some little girl comes up to him and says "You can't play with this it's for baby's." LM's reaction was "Yes, I can." She then proceeds to call him a baby. My son shouts, "I'M NOT A BABY!" Then proceeds to play and mind his own business. While I wait for him to knock her on the ground and say "I told you I wasn't a baby" at some point but he doesn't, thankfully.

I stand and watch this all going on thinking - Good job for sticking up for yourself, but please don't smack her one. I do not tolerate violence. The little princess then decides to try and take the toy off of him. I am at this point looking around for her mother who obviously doesn't know where her child is or what she is doing and that angers me even more.

If you're going to take your children out please watch them as other parents are not free babysitters. This is very annoying to those of us who try to keep an eagle eye on our children at all events.

I then go over an interject with a calm voice. "My son is not a baby and this is his cousin's toy and it once was his and he just likes to still play with it so will you please leave him alone!" Me, trying to reason with a 5 year old, and annoyed with doing so. Her mother should be the one doing this not me!

This seems to have stopped the feud for now. As we're leaving the game LM asks can I go home and ride my quad - the little girl hears and says - "You have a quad?" I look at her and say "Yes, he does." She then proceeds to say smartly, "Well, I have 3."

UGH...the pressures of being a toddler have begun.


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