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Monday, July 24, 2006

Bon Jovi Concert and Getting Carded -

Yesterday after much deliberation the hubby and I decided to hit the road and join the millions of others heading to the 'burgh (Pittsburgh, PA) to see Jon Bon Jovi perform at Heinz Field - home of the Pittsburgh, Steelers. What a great time had by all. We took a bus with a bunch of crazy/wild folks who are all older then we and they were a rockin!! Makes me think I'm not so immature after all when I party it up at the volleyball weekend at the beach!!

So we get there hook up with two of our buddies (Tim & Rick) who's real name is Jim but the hubby called him Rick all night so we went with it. We got tickets on the floor of Heinz Stadium (I touched the floor the Steelers play on - how thrilling) we were one section back from the stage and WOW is Bon Jovi still a cutie pie. Not as cute as my hubby - but nonetheless - what is the word the teens are using "HOTTIE!"

Concert was awesome he played lots of older songs and some newer songs. But I didn't care, I was there and I was on the floor and all our friends from the bus and everywhere else were in peanut heaven...HA HA...I got some great photos which I'm going try and post for all of you to enjoy. I only took about 100.

Now for the really great moment of the night - other then pushing myself up to the front for some great photo opps...I, little me, 31 years of age - went to get a drinkie and the bartender looks at me and says - "I need to see your ID." I started to laugh and said, "Are you serious?" His reply was "Yes." I continued with, "but I'm 31."

He didn't care. So I went and got my wallet with my ID, took it back showing it to him while he looks at it he goes - "O, I'm sorry, you look much younger then 31."

I am screaming in delight!! I could just kiss him, but I won't.

I mean really, I just got carded and then got told how young I look. Whether he meant it truly or was just covering up for carding me I didn't care!! O what a great feeling!!


So today, I'm at work and I'm going to be hitting the brick wall in a few hours as my body is not use to being up all hours of the night partying then getting up for a full 8+ hour day. Maybe a power nap at lunch instead of working out. :)

Uh, the evil things we do to ourselves, but I'm not complaining or whining as I'm still excited about seeing Bon Jovi and getting carded!! Again, the little things in life that thrill me.


Blogger Diane said...


I still get carded. They are supposed to check your id until your 40. Many places though, I feel they are just lazy and don't bother.

Sounds like fun. I like Bon Jovi, but he's not Bruce Springsteen. Now, he's my idea of a hottie and he's over 50.

2:06 PM  
Blogger DMM said...

Sure ruin my fun by telling me I'm to get carded until I look 40...ugh...I knew there was a catch and here I thought it was cause I was adorable and young looking. HA HA

4:46 AM  

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