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Friday, July 21, 2006

No Whiners or Complainers wanted

A huge pet peeve of mine is hearing someone complain about something they do to themselves. When I hear this I just want to scream - "Stop it!" or better yet, "Do you hear yourself?"

Last night at my women's volleyball league we played a team that has a person on their team who does multiple sports, which by the way I think is great. Her softball games ends she runs over to play volleyball. Still no problem, good for her.

The problem begins when she starts - "Girls, I just got done playing softball and now I'm playing volleyball, I'm beat!" Not once does she state this fact but several times throughout the game - all I want to say is, "So what!" - "I ran 3 miles today; lifted; chased a 3 year old around for an hour plus and now I'm playing volleyball you don't hear my complaining about it."

Our whole team is looking at each other rolling their eyes thinking the same thing. If you're going to be miserable after dual sport night - then stay at home. It's your choice to play multiple sports and I don't want to hear about the misery you endure on yourself. If your body can't take it then don't do it. Plain and simple.

The kicker is as people would walk by (there's a track around the park we play at) if she knew them and they said hi to her and ask how she was she would proceed to tell them and not in a jovial way - it was pure misery - just how she got done playing softball and now has 6 volleyball games to play. I just wanted to six pack her (spike the ball hitting her in the face) to just keep her quiet. And I'm not a violent person. I'm a happy go lucky - roll with the punches type of gal.

I then had the pleasure (NOT) of reffing her volleyball game at 8:00 and she was just as miserable. Her best line all night was after her 100th "I just got done playing softball and now I'm playing volleyball." was - "I just do it all - I should weigh about 100 pounds." It took all I had not to look at her and say - "Well, honey, you don't so keep your mouth quiet and quit the complaining."

My advice - if you're going to complain or whine about something make sure it's a ligament complaint!"

It's amazing what folks complain about when the world has so many other issues going on.


Blogger mr. lady said...

OH MY GOD I wish you had said that to her! It would have felt sooo nice!

9:43 AM  
Blogger DMM said...

You have no idea the pure torture it was listening to her complain, or was it show off? Look at me I play two sports blah blah blah..Who cares!! I can do a million things too but I don't make sure the whole world knows about it...

I would rather stab myself in the eye then listen to that!!


10:44 AM  
Blogger Shut Up And Smile said...

Whining, complaining, blah blah blah...when will it stop.

“Kids tell teachers that the dog ate the homework. The car dies so we blame the mechanic, or it rains during our vacation so it must be the travel agent’s fault. We elect the wrong politicians and then blame the government for our problems.”


5:35 PM  

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