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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Eavesdropping - Is it worth it?

There are days when eavesdropping can be very interesting and others when you hear stuff you don't even want to know about.

The other day I was standing in ear shot range of a conversation that I was trying hard not to pay attention to until my curiosity got the best of me...UGH...

Two guys were standing in the free weight zone at the gym - the one guy very geeky, tall super thin and just well not attractive; the other looked to be your normal Joe Smo. As I'm working out trying to mind my own business I hear:

Joe: "Well, did you call her last night to set up a date?"

Geek: "Yeah, I did."

Joe: "How'd it go?"

Geek: "Not well."

Joe: "What do you mean, not well?"

Geek: "I was asking her about her interest and if she wanted to get together this weekend." "She was responsive to that then I made the comment about I heard she was a butterface and what did it mean."

At this moment, I almost dropped the free weight on my foot and wanted to shirk in shear horror for him. Geek obviously doesn't understand the meaning of butterface. Which by the way is a made up term by men. Women just don't use these types of adjectives. We just tell it like it is for the most part.

Joe at this point - gasps in despair "You didn't say that to her?"

Geek: "Yeah, I did. I didn't know what it meant, I wanted her to tell me." "It was then dead silence and she hung up."

Joe proceeds to tell him that the meaning of butterface is a person who looks great with the exception of their face. Everything about her is ok, BUT HER FACE hence the term butterface.

The expression on his face was well, priceless. I did feel bad for him for a second or two. Then I thought how stupid on his part. He should have asked his buddies the term before calling her.

At that moment, I decided to turn up my iPod and mind my own business.


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