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Friday, July 28, 2006

Finally Friday

Last night as I'm getting out of my car to head down to the ever infamous volleyball courts at the local park - hitting the top of the steps looking down over the softball field I hear the words uttered "Let's get this game going, I have a volleyball game and I need to be there!"

Trust me - I have witnessed her play for the past 10 years and her team plays better without her!! Her team needs her to stay on the softball field.

Instant cringing went through my body of "You have GOT to be FREAKING kidding ME!" She's still in whiner/complainer mode of playing dual sports. Get over yourself already!!

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Well honey, I ran 2 miles and lifted yesterday and I'm playing volleyball and LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!

Thank goodness it was our last week - until fall season.


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