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Thursday, August 17, 2006

3 year check up and school physical and some bragging

Yesterday was LM's 3 year check up appt along with getting that nasty school physical out of the way. He was great!! He chose to play hide and go seek with the doctor which amused Mom in every way. He hide behind the computer stand in the exam room and the doctor went along with it, looking behind the door; under the sink; under the exam table and behind his stool. When Tyler finally popped out and yelled Boo. I love this doctor.

I thought seeing the doctor would freak him out but not at all. He jumped up in his lap and asked him straight up - "Hey, what's your name?" As the good ole doctor replied asking LM the same. The response was utterly adorable.

My son is now a whopping 38-40 inches tall he wouldn't stand straight and weighing in at 35 pounds. So we think as they had to weigh me holding him then me by myself and subtract. Why he won't stand on the damn scale alone is beyond me. But I must say - I am down 6 pounds and quite happy about that. I have decided the scale at the gym is WRONG WRONG WRONG.

All went well with the appt. The doctor said I have a neat little boy who is just flourishing quite nicely. Milestones are - Potty trained - FINALLY...he can count to 12 and is quite the little athlete; hitting the ball with a bat; bouncing a basketball and shooting it making baskets; plays hockey and anything connected with a sports theme; knows some colors and some of the ABC's loves to draw; color and sing silly songs; his speech is articulate for being a boy and age 3 - all thise according to the doctor - whatever all that means - I just thought all this was normal and in line with his age - but what do I know? I'm a first time mother. Plus, he must get all his smarts from his father and common sense from me. ;) I told the doctor it was the breast milk. ;)

Why the doctor was amazed that LM was able to throw up a set of play keys and catch them was beyond me but he was impressed by that - he went on for 5 minutes about it. LM was doing this while the doctor was talking to me, I just let him go it was keeping him busy. Unless the doctor does that with all the mothers. I never really thought anything of it and really still don't. I'm just glad God blessed me with a nice, sweet and most adorable little boy that a mother is proud to have.

I do have to tell this last little story since I'm on a yesterday kick - LM got a fishing rod from his friend Curtis and spent all of last night casting the rod and reeling it in - best baby sitter a mother and father could find. I can't even cast a rod yet my 3 year old can. I know - enough of the bragging - first time mother rights I believe.


Blogger Lindsay said...

You brag all you want. Its every mom's right!

1:05 PM  
Blogger DMM said...

Sometimes I feel I can talk about my child all day and night...but I love hearing other stories to and comparing!!

Loved your story on the blanket as LM has a dog named blue - he's looking a little tadder and torn

When LM is playing with him it reminds me of Woody and Andy from Toy Story. Makes me wonder is Blue in charge?

11:16 AM  

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