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Monday, August 14, 2006

Home Sweet Home

What a weekend. You know the old saying "there is no place like home" how true that is. On Saturday morning my buddy Tam and I took a trip to the Inner Harbor for some girl time and to meet up with an old co-worker who we hadn't seen in years and to just catch up on things.

We had a rockin hot hotel that I found on Hotwire.com - what an awesome little place to hotel shop for a great price. We stayed at the Hyatt only steps from the Harbor.

Tam and I began our day at La Tascas a little Mexican place which served great beverages with lots of alcohol - whew happy were we!! After having our few we finally met up with Jean and took the stroll of the sites. Let me just say - we were not in Kansas anymore!!

Do people just not realize they look silly or do they really think they look good when they leave their home/hotel for the day. Not that I'm a fashion icon but I know what looks good and certainly what does not. Example is our bartender had on a mid-drift but had gut hanging out - not a good look for her!

The best part of the whole day was when night fall entered into the day. People started to come out of the woodwork. I never realized how many homeless people there are and this saddens me beyond belief. I think why don't they get help, is there not enough assistance out there. My goodness we leave is in the US of A there has to be help for these people - maybe I just live in a bubble and think all is good everywhere.

As Tam and I are listening to the concert series going on we decide to walk around a bit. We should have stayed put!! As we are walking past the lovely flower bed we notice a homeless man (X-RATED talk coming up - you have been warned) tossing one off in the marigold bed. I was mortified and in shock to see this out in the wide open space for all of God's creation to see. The guy was going at it while listening to the fake Beach Boys.

Tam and I were in awe. We decided it was best to keep on moving. After about a 20 minute walk we figured he'd be done by now so we strolled on back up to the concert and low and behold - He's still at it...but this time with a few on lookers.

I am so beyond being disgusted at this point - I just go into a shear laughing fit - trying to find the humor in this - Although, I could not. I'm thinking the few cocktails I had should be helping me find the humor at this time. Finally a few cops show up and escort him elsewhere only after he has finished his business.

Homeless or not - this is something that should be done in private not for the whole world to see. I just couldn't imagine having my child there seeing this and for the parents who were letting their kids run wild among this what were you thinking?

I'm just happy to be back in the bubble world and not knowing how others live. I know very closed minded but it's whatever gets me thru the day.

So thank you Ruby slippers for bringing me back to my reality which I'm happy to deal with even on the bad days.


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