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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Haircut Mishap

I have been going over the issues of posting about this subject and have decided not to go into great detail other then saying:

My sweet LM got a homemade haircut over the weekend while I and hubby were out of town (haircut was not given by me or hubby). After seeing the chop job that was done, I then needed to get his head shaven by a professional to fix the error of the nameless involved.

I am very heart broken over this as I couldn't have his 1st ever school photo taken - he just doesn't look like himself or like a normal little boy. I have spent 3 days crying over this incident. Yes, it's hair, it'll grow back - but most importantly the issue at hand - it was done without my permission or knowledge.

As far as the photo - the school called and took the photo with my permission as I get a free 8x10. This will not be hung on the walls of my home. O yes, can't forget about the free lunch bag to go with it. YIPPEE... Along with a free class photo. Who could deny my sweet LM of a 1st class photo? These items will be put in his baby book of course - hidden away.

That's all I'm going to say on the subject.


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