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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Passenger Lane/Driving Lane

Why do people not know the difference between the driving lane and passing lane on the highways? I have a 15 minutes drive to work tops and I will admit I wait until the last possible minute to leave for work - everyday - except in the winter.

Today, as I was driving in I'm taking my time driving as usual in the driving lane minding my own business when I feel compelled to pass the car in front of me. I zip on out to the passing lane only to find a car putsying (as if that's even a word) along at a lovely speed of 45. Did I mention that was in the passing lane?

By this time, I not only had to slam on my breaks but the car I was passing ended up passing me and the car I was behind. Not a happy drive this morning. I can see how road rage sets in.

Now, I don't know about you guys and where you're all from but the speed limit around here is a whooping 55, which in my crazy little mind means 60-65. This is at least where my cruise control is set at.

Do they not go over this area in Drivers' Education anymore? This person was by no means elderly or young - I would say middle age to be safe. Also, for those of you men who think it had to have been a female - you're wrong on that issue as well.

So two things have come to my mind - not all males are terrific drivers and there is a reason they call it the PASSING and DRIVING LANE.


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