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Monday, June 02, 2008

He's got 'tude...

On Saturday while my darling little boy was playing soccer he decided to yell at the little girl on his team for kicking the ball out of bounds. He shouted at her, “Corona, why did you kick the ball out of bounds, you should have turned it.”

The Father is the coach and while we are divorced we both still have the same rules regarding attitude – LM got benched. As he crossed his arms and stuck his bottom lip out and marched is little dupa over to the sidelines, I saw a little bit of me in him.

I just found it horrible yet funny at the same time. My child has attitude which is not good if used in the wrong way. However, he’s competitive like his mom and that may be a bad thing. I am a total beotch on the volleyball court.

We made him apologize to the little girl and the Father again explained why he got benched. LM seemed to understand but I am not so sure.

After todays email rantings back and forth with the Father I found this was not the first time LM got benched. As last week LM was told to get the two soccer balls when another teammate went to help, LM got angry, yelled, HEY I WAS TO GET THOSE picked the ball up and struck the other kid in the back.

Great I thought, I have a little monster on my hands…

Looks like my child will be riding the alpine slide instead of seeing the green field.

He starts flag football in the fall – I wonder how that will go.



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