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Monday, May 19, 2008

Da Beach Part II

A story from the eyes of the opponent...

Guest Blogger and fellow volleyball player JHinish...

Well, Tim and Darla got lucky.

The best team in our division was on their net (Denise & I) and we played them first when Denise was still drunk from the night before.

Then in the first round of the playoffs, that team (Jeff & Denise) must have started drinking again (they played like they were drunk that game).

Tim & Dar then beat another team that was pretty good -- but thank goodness they didn't have to face that really good team (US). Like i said, they were LUCKY - um, no Jeff, we are just that good. On an unrelated note, Jeff and Denise played together, they did OK.

September is only 4 months away. Is it a coincidence that September has the word beer in it?? i think not. It will be a fun trip.

However, in my opinion Tim and I didn't get lucky - we just have mad volleyball skeeeellzzzz. Also with Tim being 9 foot tall all I needed to do was set the ball close to the net and he slammed it down. Yep, that's what happened. ALL DAY we brought the heat and Jeff couldn't extinguish the fire.

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