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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Middle Age - For Better For Worse

I got asked "how old are you?" When I admitted my age – because it’s really only a number, the girl said, “Really I could have sworn you to be 27 – 29…34 WOW, I would have never guessed."

It did make me smile a bit, I will admit...

Then it hit me on my drive home…

I will be 34 October 28th – There I finally admitted it out loud…I’m getting and feeling so old and my body is screaming MY GOSH MID LIFE is rearing its ugly demon head. Hips are spreading (thank you child bearing hips) and the boobs (what little I have) are falling. Crows feet are coming along with the dark circles and the chin whiskers – WTF is that all about – chin whiskers…come on Lord, I’m not a cat and yes you do have a sense of humor but this is not funny. I don’t need whiskers anywhere on this body, no female needs that.

It’s easier for the pounds to come on and harder to take them off no matter how much I run, walk, lift, bike, play volleyball or softball, chase LM, that weight just wants to sit right on my tummy, hips, thighs and back – ewww back fat…again, WTF??

I want or demand – I can’t even say my pre-baby body because my body was SMOKING after I had LM. I actually had a 6 pack of abs. Gaining 75 pounds while pregnant and losing the 75 + 25 (while the big D set in) was GREAT for me. I was toned and in the best shape since high school. Then boom just like that COMFORT weight set in.

HELLO…I’m not comfortable with this weight so LEAVE…shoo get off my body would you?I'm telling you don’t get comfy cause I’m going to sweat; starve; jingle jangle you off this 30 something body if it kills me and yes o yes it probably will.

I only work out so I can eat those double stuff oreos for dinner and ice cream cone for dessert. The best ice cream ever is Gobs of Vanilla – which is chunks of gobs mixed in with vanilla ice cream – HEAVEN on earth I tell you. Thank you local creamy for that invention the world couldn't live without. SHEESH, what were you thinking?

So what do you do if anything to be comfortable with middle age and the demons that set in or do you not have demons rearing their ugly heads?

I workout for 60 minutes instead of eating lunch, yes, I am a fool.



Blogger Diane said...

Sorry, I had to laugh. You hide the weight well, remember I just saw you in a bikini.

The hair growth gets worse. I wish I knew the answer to that one. Drives me nuts.

My weight hasn't moved much either way in a very long time. I consider myself lucky in that regard in my early 40s.

Fight what you can and accept change as it's constant during these years. It's not really going to change your life much one way or another if your 5-10 pounds thinner or heavier.

7:49 AM  
Blogger Starrlight said...

Darlin wait till you are staring 40in the eyes. Or as my rude Kidlet calls it....The Final Countdown.


1:12 PM  

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