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Monday, June 16, 2008

A 5th Birthday Party in the Works

I was not quite sure what to do for LM’s 5th birthday this year. I pondered on different things, having a party at the park where the kids can run around like lunatics playing and chasing each other while serving burgers; hot dogs and many salads. To me that just sounded like to much work. I’m looking for simple but fun.

I even thought about the dreaded Chuck E. Cheese parties, and I refuse to do that to myself. A swim party was up my alley as LM loves to swim, splash and jump in the pool never getting tired. The thought of 20 kids splishing and splashing did not peek my interest neither did playing life guard for 2 hours. I am in Risk Management, what can I say, everything is a concern of mine.

Ah, at last a decision was made, a miniature golf party with just cupcakes and ice cream. A mother’s dream or um, nightmare come true. A local ice cream establishment has a birthday party package. You get one round of mini golf and a cone. Perfect if you ask me all I need to bring are cupcakes and napkins.

Here’s hoping to a great time, no rain along with the kids not using the golf clubs as swords at some point throughout the party.



Blogger family affairs said...

What a great idea! We've never had a golf party here...usually football parties are the popular ones at that age L x

12:52 PM  
Blogger DMM said...

Football sounds great too!!

5:38 AM  

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