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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

He is all Grown up

Ah, the first day of school...for some a blessing for others not so. LM was more than excited when we woke up. He dressed himself like a big boy - although the buttons on his shirt were a little off, mommy took joy in fixing that, of course.

We wet his hair as it was sticking up all over the place, he said it was because he slept on his head. We took photos, we laughed, had a small morning snack and off we were to the first full day of school EVER.

On the way to the school he laughed and said mom school is so cool and work is boring. Too bad for you, you get to have no fun and I do. I get to have gym class today and you get to do nothing but work.

I breathed a sigh of relief thinking this is going to be OK. This is going to be easy. We pulled in, he was all to excited, he jumped out of the SUV grabbed my hand, we walked towards the doors where all the teachers, kids and proud parents were, smiling the whole way.

Then BAM like a freaking ton of bricks it hit him and me right in the heart. I stood strong and proud not showing any fear or tears for him. I marched proudly in the school and that is when he latched on for dear life. You would have thought I was giving him to the scariest monsters alive.

He bawled. I smiled at the teacher holding back my tears saying please just take him. She offered one more hug, I said you cannot do that, I begged please just take him. She did. He screamed Mommy, stay. I just left...not turning to even look. I could not.

The principal smiled and said mom it will be okay. He's a great kid I can tell. I smiled and said I know. I drop him off every morning but today was just different. He was scared and I, scared for him.



Blogger ciara said...

i came via family affairs...funny, something made me pick yours to click out of all the names in her comment box of her last post. now i see why! we are both scorpios! LOL

it's so hard to watch them grow up isn't it. i was just like your son when i started school, but i got used to it and i think my mom did, too...of course she still had my brother at home. my son, who is now 21, had NO problems. come to think of it, i don't think my girls did either (they're 11 & 9) weird. LOL i always miss them when they visit their dad in vegas few times a yr and even when they're in school just 5 mins away :-/

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