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Monday, October 09, 2006

4:00 Leave time

Tomorrow morning I am leaving for my big trip - departure from home 4AM YIKES. I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself - so why the concern here then? I have nothing ready!! I mean NOTHING. I am usually overly organized and I would have had everything packed on Saturday a week a go.

organization is something I take pride in and drive not only my family nuts with but my co-workers as well. No kidding, in our last award presentation my boss told the crowded room that I was anal when it came to organization!! Then made sure that was a good thing to all who were listening - I was slightly embarrassed!!

No kidding, all my clothes would have been ironed and picked out in neat little piles of what I was wearing for each day. Along with that would have been the items of maybe's I'll take and maybe's I won't. Maybe it's a disorder I have?

Not being ready is out of character for me and think maybe I'm just getting comfortable with myself and finding I can get organized quickly or I'm just becoming plain and simple "scatterbrained."

I'm not sure. But I am leaving the joyous workplace today at 11 and going home to rush around folding the left over laundry; ironing the work stuff; packing like a mad woman; getting my precious LM early from school to hang out for Mommy and Me time.

Tomorrow my 14 hour travel day begins. I'll either be exhausted or so pumped up with anxiety from the flights (remember I hate to fly - especially alone) that my sister won't be able to stand me for the first few hours.

However, I will sit here for the next several hours and pray for flight safety; wisdom to the pilots and last but not least I will also pray for my overly anal organizational skills (or skeelz as Mr. Lady's boy says) to kick in!!


Blogger Diane said...

You'll be fine. We can do your laundry in Colorado following the San Diego trip so don't pack too much.

It'll be okay if your testy. I'll allow it. SMILE. Just pack, our sunny beach is nearly here.

6:05 AM  

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