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Monday, October 02, 2006

She wears the pants

Well, I made it thru volleyball last night and survived the drama from last week... Slap Happy.

After 45 minutes of driving while having that not so good feeling of throwing up in the bottom pit of my belly the closer to the sportsplex I got I finally parked; took in a huge breath; let out a sigh not of relief walked in feeling worse because I may or may not have slapped someone's butt and his wife went wild crazy.

As I sat beside my buddy Trav with sweaty palms he tried to make light of the subject as I whispered, "I'm worried about her causing a scene." Chris enters, the girl who shared the slap story. She comes up to me asks me how I am I tell her nervous she says don't be, M.E. (crazed wife) made Collin quit.

What? You have got to be kidding me? How foolish. How immature.

According to Chris, M.E. didn't want Collin playing to begin with. She was upset the team didn't ask her to play, as she played years ago. I was her excuse for getting Collin all worked up to the point that he just quit.

Lovely is my reaction - why do women even act like this? Are you that insecure with your marriage and yourself you have to control your husband?

Collin made the comment to M.E. and Chris that I paid no more attention to him than I did to anyone else on the court as it was obvious I was there to play volleyball not flirt or make new friends. Go figure. Well, that set her off - how dare her husband realize what my agenda for the night is...VOLLEYBALL...

We have a new player. I couldn't even tell you his name as I forgot. I know silly me being there to play volleyball, yet again. I just finally got Shawn's name right last night after calling him Phil - twice.

As the third game set in I was on strong side; my two hitters were middle and weak side. In co-ed volleyball, the girl is usually there to set, not my choice, but whatever, I usually want to hit; (trust me I can hit on a guys net too - for all you guys reading this thinking EGO crazed female thinking she can hit on a guys net).

I'm now up front getting ready to switch from strong position to weak after the serve; I catch myself touching the middle players back to let him know I'm there and not to back into me.

DING DING DING - hello light bulb. That is what I must have done to Collin touched his back to let him know I was there and not to back up until after I had made the switch. Any person in their RIGHT volleyball mind would know this.

I looked at Chris and said, "I know when I touched Collin." Explained reason to her and she remarked she does the same thing, it's a habit.

Mystery solved. I did not touch his butt and his wife IS CRAZY.


Blogger Jimmy said...

I don't get it. I don't need to touch other people when I play. But then again, I'm out there to win games, not just play them and grope people. I'm such a mean person. Why are you even my friend still? Oh I know why, because I let you eat my super chunky triple cocoa chocolate cake. Mmmmmm, mmmm good.

7:48 PM  
Blogger DMM said...

You're a brat. I'm not having this debate with you. You are just mad because it wasn't you I was touching!!

What's sweet on the menu this week?

4:42 AM  

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