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Thursday, September 21, 2006

A not so feeling pretty day!

The tingling started on Monday at work in the middle of a meeting...UGH...not again I thought...I go away for 3 days in the sun stocked with enough chapstick for the whole damn Rehoboth Beach area and low and behold a freaking sun blister appears. Every damn time I swear it.

Why? Why does this happen to me? Why when I get a fever blister do I feel ugly and dirty? In this day in age WHY IS THERE NOT A CURE? Last but not least, why is my Zovirax prescription $75 freaking dollars? One would think for $75.00 once you put this cream on the ugliness would magically disappear in seconds then you'd feel "O so pretty" again - hell no, it takes 3-4 days if you're lucky and painful this little demon is.

I'm not a sissy when it comes to pain either but this hurts like a mother you know what...

I think I will now go and hide my head in the sand or dirt as there is no sand other then in the turtle sandbox next door.


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