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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Growing Pains

Nothing has really been going on…or at least nothing I’m going to blog about…

Life is actually pretty good. I have been just relaxing and enjoy life for a change. While watching my baby boy grow in leaps and bounds every day. He will be 4 in a month and holy cow where did the time go?

I miss that baby I held in my arms while snuggling up to and O the baby smell. However, I do not miss the baby issues of feedings; diaper changing and I don’t know why you are crying why isn’t anything I do working to help settle you, I suck as a mom moments.

What I do love is the fact that he can return my hugs; butterfly kisses and interact with me on his level, of course. I love when we play ball together and have that special bonding moment a mother and son have. He is the sweetest thing that has ever walked or um, has been pushed out, into my life.

You never really know what unconditional love is until you have at child, or at least I didn’t. I’ve never had my heart break a million times over for a sad face and pouty pushed lips. Lastly, I never thought I could be so manipulated by someone that young. Kids really now how to work the system and at an early age. I will continue to blame daycare for this.

I know it’s called pulling at your heart strings. Damn it, I have a billion of those – all made of super strength fishing line unable to break free from this bond.

I will continue to love my child so much that my heart aches every time I drop him off at school or his dad’s. I will also try to give him those butterfly smoochies, as LM calls them, forever and give him a million hugs daily.

Much much love to my baby boy who is growing up so quickly.

Ah, now I know what growing pains really mean.


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