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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Inner Harbor

I am not allowed to discuss who went with me as they made me promise not to mention their names; initials or anything they did this weekend. Man O man would I like to make up a few stories about them, just because.

However, I will say this - a good time was had by all in the big city of Baltimore. The view from Federal Hill is absolutely incredible. There is always much to do and see at the Harbor, I think that is why I love going there so much.

We took in dinner at the ESPN Zone while watching the Pens play. After dinner we heading upstairs for some adult game time were I got my ass kicked in every video game known to mankind. Chuck E Cheese is more my style and now I know why.

After much tomfoolery we headed back to the room for a nippie nap - before heading to the ball game. During the bottom of the 6th we saw a Grand Slam which was the game turn around play for the O's. I was thrilled our seats were under deck due to the inclimate weather which caused the baseball game to feel more like a football game.

Afterwards we hit an Irish Pub and a few night clubs - lots to see at the night clubs. It's amazing what you see when you leave your town and step outside of your comfort zone.

Wild girls; boys; with all kinds of outfits along with passed out drunks in the restrooms and laying on the bar - but I figured to each his own, right!? Besides, who am I to judge?

Headed back home in the pouring down rain on Sunday - hey at least it wasn't snow like they were calling for. Hopefully our next trip down will be a sunny warm instead of a rainy chilled weekend.

So T&S was that met to your satisfaction? You weren't mentioned at all. wink wink



Blogger Diane said...

Nice, but I like the detailed version better.

So much for not using their initials.

What we were they worried about? You guys were well behaved and good. It was the strangers at the bar that were interesting.

6:36 AM  
Blogger DMM said...

You know, some peoples kids...

6:54 AM  

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