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Friday, March 16, 2007

The Hole

During my volleyball game last night - Spiderman comes flying out of the back gym, where he was probably climbing the walls and whipping webs around the rest of kids, screaming MOMMY, LOOK A HOLE, as he's pointing to his knee, but it's okay...cause you can sew it!!

He did great this week only wore Spiderman once. I continued to tell him it was drying in the laundry room. That lie would only last so long - 4 days was enough I guess.

However, I got a message from his dad asking that I put something decent on him and not Spiderman for the exchange. I will just for the record state that I dress Tyler quite adorably everyday and trendy too boot. The Spiderman costume is a faze and he will out grow it, until then who cares that he wants to wear it all the time. He's 3 - it could be a lot worse.

Let me tell you about the freaking wrestling match I had this morning though...

I hate the fact that I have to argue with my child about what to wear to school. He's 3.5 and should just wear what he wants. Really, what is the big deal? He loves Spiderman and loves his outfit from Auntie Terri.

Next time, I will send him to school with a second outfit. I am completely worn out from the fight this morning and it makes for a miserable start to my day.

Especially when I'm already miserable about giving him up for a few days to the other half, which of course, I get blamed for, because you know, this IS ALL my fault.

I will fix the outfit this weekend and continue to let LM where it until it falls apart because I love seeing how happy he is when he's Spiderman!!


Blogger Diane said...

He's finally talking to you to inform you what the 3.5 year old shouldn't be wearing? Just lovely.

6:28 AM  

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