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Friday, February 16, 2007

Hell Week

This has had to the most miserable week thus far of the new year!!

I had the perfect "date" planned with games; laughing and side stitches that would continue to hurt until morning - then BAM - Old Man Winter decided to get his panties in a twist and reek havoc on my evening with LM. How dare he?

All I have to say is hello to a foot of snow and ice, cold winds and freezing temps! What the hell did Mother Nature do to OMW this time. GRR GRR

So instead of all the glam, we ordered Chinese sat at home snuggled on the couch and watched movies until bedtime. So I guess it wasn't all that bad...but wait...

As LM is running down the hallway to his momma's room his little legs get in tangled with each other and smack; hence all the screaming and yelling. I run in to find him laid out on the floor in tears. Frantically searching his body for blood, I find a scrape from the metal bed frame that he lodged himself into as he fell.

My thought, thank God it wasn't his face or head - I was not in the mood for an ER run or putting 3.5 y/o thur stitches. I couldn't even imagine that nightmare.

I'm thinking this week can't get any worse but wait yet again doom lurks around the corner.

Yesterday - Grandma calls, "Um, honey...LM had peanut butter toast at my house on Wednesday and it's the type they are recalling."

My reaction - great what next?

Well, I'll tell you...screaming, yelling, painful tears at midnight. Doubled over holding the belly screaming Mommy make it stop. Ugh...I wait until 2:30AM and off to the ER to get him checked out.

I'm told if the PB is tainted all we have to do is let the germs run their course. WTH does that mean, you can't give me an antibiotic, you know just in case? UGH...3:15AM home at last thinking LM must be exhausted - WRONG...

I put in his favorite movie to try and calm him down - 6:00AM rolls around and he's finally ready for bed.

Call the boss man (who by the way is wonderful) let him know I'll be late -

Finally I'm getting in the car to take LM to school...as I'm leaning over to buckle him in - he hugs me then kisses my cheek saying, "Mommy, I love you." "And my belly not hurt anymore!"

Ah, sweet victory for a hell of a week.



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