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Friday, January 26, 2007

Dude, where's my Car?

Yesterday I heard this little story that I am of couse dying to share!!

I'll set the scene -

Gentleman dropping off his rental car at the local rental place.

He says to the girl at the counter -

Victim: I'm dropping off my rental car, but where is my personal car?

Counter Girl: In the parking lot where you parked it.

Victim: No, it's not there, I parked my car out front in the front row and it's gone.

Counter Girl: You mean stolen?

Victim: Yes, stolen. Isn't it obvious, since it's not there anymore?

At this time security is called who in turn calls the local police department.

They wait...

The local police department and security staff shows up.

Police Officer: Are you sure that's where you parked it, sir?

Victim: Yes, I'm more than 100% sure. I would know where I parked since I'm the one who parked it.

Hummm- I think someone is a bit testy...

Police Officer: Let's drive around the lot to see if it's located in another spot.

Now, the lot is maybe half the size of a football field - not very large by any means.

Guess what they found - yeppers, his car left in the exact spot HE parked it - not in the front row by the building as he first thought.

He comes back in claiming to the girl at the rental counter, "Yes, I'm a jackass." "Thanks for your help." All the while doing the shameful head bow.

I just giggled to myself and thought - at least you got the jackass part right. People are amazingly funny creatures.



Blogger Starrlight said...


I did pretty much the same thing. Acutally both my ex and myself did. Except we were highly bombed at the time.

And I would like to note that we were not looking for the car to drive it. We had been at the neighborhood bar and didn't see the car in it's usual spot infront of our apartment!

Of course, we had driven earlier that day and moved it.


7:52 AM  
Blogger DMM said...

Well, you at least had an excuse. This guy had nothing but stupidity. I actually lost my car at the Pittsburgh Airport and had to call the State Police - they googled it. Don't ask me how - they just did and found it...I wrote the lot number down wrong...talk about STUPID...

11:19 AM  

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