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Friday, January 19, 2007

Clumsy Me

The other night as I was walking up the various steps to my most adorable home...I fell...just tripped up the steps and came crashing down. Catching myself with my dominate hand and scrapping the hell out of my knuckles - looks like I was in a bloody knuckle fight. Thank God for that jar of salsa breaking my fall and most importantly I was thrilled to learn the jar didn't break...Phew...

Yes, you're right, I was carrying about 6 bags of groceries and 2 pails of Margarita mix. I know, no one told me to carry all that stuff at one time other than the cold weather and me being lazy. Really, who wants to make more than one trip when the weather is a factor?

I don't know what hurts more right now, my knuckles or my pride. You see, I live on a very busy street and about 100 cars were driving by at the time I took my tumble - falling like my sons mega building blocks for all the neighborhood to see. GO ME.

I entered the house after handing my mom the bags - told her not to take my Margarita Mix - just the damn grocery bags - blood everywhere. I don't think I have ever bled that much, well...o yes...I have - there was this one time at youth group camp where I got caught in the forehead with a metal door - but that's a blog for another day...I have a scar to prove that story...OUCH!

Poor LM wanted to kiss mamma's boo-boo - I discouraged that right away. All I wanted was a minute to collect my thoughts and try to get my pride back. LM however was concerned and kept asking me about my boo boo and was I going to be ok. He is by far the sweetest thing E.V.E.R!!

Then at volleyball - I got asked - Did you lose at bloody knuckles? Not even funny, can we just get the game going?

Today the knuckles are tattered, torn and swollen. Not a lovely look.


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