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Monday, December 18, 2006

And the Winners Are...

Yesterday, Sunday, I was asked to play in a charity volleyball tourney in the Martinsburg, PA area. This tourney has been ongoing for years and is a co-ed 6's event. The teams consisted of 2 girls and 4 guys. Two 5 team pools of intense players who all have amazing skills.

I have been playing with the same team for about 6 years now and adore them all. Although we had a little change up of a girl and a guy we all managed to play hard and gel well. This is not a tourney for the weak at heart. The level of play is as intense as it can get and everyone is out to win and take title - even if it is for the kids.

After a heartbreaking first three game losses we picked ourselves up and never looked back entering the fourth game. Sweet victory has never tasted so good. A few of the teams were stacked and entering the first round of playoffs we knew the team we were about to face was mighty strong and stacked like a child's collection of lego blocks. Our goal - knock that building down.

We lost the first game and knew we had to pick it up a notch had we wanted to be in the final round. After a grueling game and many lead changes we took charge and won game two and three.

By this time, our team dead on our feet and feeling pretty icky; sticky and stinky knew it was time for finals - the do or die situation of the day. The team we played had won the tourney the last 2 years in a row and we were ready to regain that Champion title back.

We pulled it together, took no names gave no mercy and never let a ball drop without at least getting a touch on it. A coach couldn't have been prouder with this team of 6. We finally won in 2 close knit games.

Great job done by all who played. I couldn't have played well or won without the amazing support of my teammates. I love this team!! Our final record was 10-4 - not a bad day.

No injury's of the day, although, I did receive a 6 pack (a spiked ball to the face) which stung a little but the moment of play was to incredible I never even notice it. All I could think of was I hope the ball was playable after it hit me.

Team picture to be posted at a later date.


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