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Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Gala

On Saturday, it was our infamous Christmas Gala for the company that I work for. I will start by saying it's a black tie affair and o so much fun. It is held at a ski resort in which employees are offered a discounted rate for skiing and rooms for the evening.

Had I known the weather was going to be gorgous I would have taken my ski gear and took a few runs down the moutain.

I started the evening off with some appetizers which were tremendous. We're talking jumbo shrimp; bite size crab balls; scallops wrapped in bacon; some type of pesto flat bread that was just yummy; fruit and beer.

I wolfed down several shrimp and crab balls - then onto the main meal. Salad; sherbet to clean the palat finally bringing on the Jumbo shrimp; lobster kebob and filet with rice and asperagus. Dessert was cheesecake with a chocolate icing coating and was quite delicious.

I love this company's Christmas party - there were about 1300 people who attended and O the fun. The employee who puts the party together does a great job!! However, I do not envy her one bit for the job she has. Although, with my bossy and organized attitude I could handle it, but I'm glad it's her job and not mine.

Kudos to her for yet another great year of partying it up and a job well done!!

I have added several photos to my Flickr Account so feel free to browse on thru them. Everyone looked great. Surprisely we all clean up pretty nicely.

Going stag was not bad - I was free to mingle and my only worry - finding my room at the end of the night.


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