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Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekend jibber jabber

I've got nothing to blog about. A big fat N O T H I N G.

Work party on Friday. - Good time - a few beers and laughs home early...ya know work functions can't misbehave they will talk about you on Monday.

Saturday - chilled with my LM - after his sports clinic where I pissed off a few of the dads. I love doing that to sports crazed parents. You see my child, can hit the ball with a bat and not need the Tee. A dad didn't think this was possible since LM is only 3. I thought dare you challenge me and my child? The nerve. So I tell LM to get ready - he gets ready and I give him the pitch and BAM - he hits the ball clear across the gym and I being in my pissy mood look over and shrug my shoulders at the sports crazed dad and say - I guess my son has been practicing. As he's still trying to get his older son to hit the ball off the Tee. I just had to laugh.

Sunday - took my LM to see Open Season - he loved it. We then just hung out at home and I took him to my volleyball game and that was that.

Back to the grind today as it's a short week.


Blogger Diane said...

Cute. I doubt that Harley could hit a tee.

3:39 PM  

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