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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Old Man Winter

Folks get out your gloves, hats, boots, leg warmers (remember those ugly things?) ear muffs and ski pants. Today, the snow is sticking to the ground, I'm not as jovial about it as I thought I would be. I got up to hit the gym after much grumbling went out to the driveway only to find my car covered in snow.

I had to dig for that darn snow scraper - ewww - the dreaded man made invention that I loathe to no end. As I got to higher elevation of course the snow is sticking to the roadway. One would think that living in PA I would have my snow tires on already or at least be ready for early snow fall- NO, not me.

What happened to global warming - should it not make our winters shorter and summers longer? I at least think that's the way it should work.

O well - I guess now my little man can wear his beloved blue moon boots now.


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