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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Travel Nightmare

Yesterday morning I got up at a bright 3:30AM got dressed and started the day off right. A kisser for my little man and hubby who is sleeping ever so peacefully. As I head out the door I begin to feel the excitement of my up coming day.

Only to find out my nightmare of all nightmares will begin shortly. I sweep down the mountain and over to the airport only to find out that my 6:40AM flight is CANCELLED...WTF races thru my head as I stand at the counter and tell the guy he's got to be joking. Then begin the all issues of why men hate woman - I cried!!

The counter guy says, "Nope, not joking. No crew."
Like it's not a big deal. Hello jerky - I paid for a flight and now you don't it have one for me.

Now I'm really pissed off - what do you mean "NO CREW.?!" There is a flight scheduled and the crew just doesn't show up. How freaking lovely.

I tell him, you need to fix this. He proceeds to tell me I can take the 4:20pm flight with arrival in San Diego after 9PM.

I tell them nope not happening. Well, you can drive to Pittsburgh and fly out at 7AM a flight you won't make. Then why the freaking hell offer it? Why aren't you offering a shuttle? A question I failed to ask.

How about Johnstown, I asked. Response - it's foggy they will probably cancel it. Only to find out later it was a 7AM flight and it was NOT cancelled.

We finally decide on the 8:55AM flight. I'm out the door at 5:00AM and back on the road. Only thinking of maybe I shouldn't be on this 8:55 flight and should have taken the 4:20. UGH. You know flight anxiety...grrr grrr

So I get to the big 'burgh airport and get my bags checked in and am off to the security line. I am now breathing a little easier...only to find out I have been pulled aside for additional security check.

Really? My sister says it's because they pull all the girls over. I think it's because I had my laptop or just looked stressed. But whatever, rather be safe then sorry.

Honorable mention is when I was checking my two bags (yes, 2 I'm gone for 10 days) the big burly security guy asks, "Any weapons or explosives?" in his ever so raspy voice.

I look at him without thinking and say, "I don't think so." He however is very unamused by this and says, "Ma'am Yes or No answers only please."

I had to laugh - maybe that's why I got pulled over for additional security scrunity.

Pictures to follow...computer issues with posting...grrrr grrrr


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