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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Travel woes

I am sitting here cranking and have no shoulder to sniffle on so I'll just sniffle on your computer screen. I got here to DIA and had no ticket waiting for me at the ever so friendly kiosk. I had to go to the ticket counter and the agent who had to hook me up and goes - O we don't have you on this flight. I said the guy outside was more than happy to take my money and bags marked them with Pittsburgh tags; how can I not have a boarding pass?

I pulled out my itinerary from the dufass at Latrobe and she goes what happened there? I therefore, went into all the mess of a hell story and blah blah blah and she was than able to find me.

I get thru security and the freaking WITCH at the metal detector goes to me, "hey honey push the bins thru this is a self service airport." NO * * C K!! I was waiting for the guy in front of me to grab his bin with his jacket that he so willingly forgot about!!!

Finally, I'm heading thru the metal detector but wait - it beeps. The lovely guard goes, "honey, you need to remove your belt and jewelry." As I'm doing so she * * C K I N G has the nerve to tell me it's not your jewelry it's just your belt. It took all I had not to go over and knock her already crooked teeth out!! After all, she is the one who told me to remove my jewelry and belt. It's not even as if I wear a lot of jewelry!!

OK 1st of all - I don't like to be called HONEY by someone who is not even remotely adorable, who I don't know and at the same time being a smart ass about the word.

I wanted to say - I have a first name and HONEY isn't it. I also wanted to cry. I'm usually not a crier either. I'm a tough cookie who doesn't take any crap and I have no control of my day here...GRRRRRRRRR....therefore, that is the issue.

Last but not least, I get up to my terminal check the screens only to find out that there is a direct flight to Pittsburgh on US and that damn jackass in Latrobe told me no direct flights on any airlines. The direct flight would have put me in the 'burgh at 2:00.

I'm so bitching out Northwest when I get home.


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