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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My trip as come to an end!

Tomorrow morning I will be flying home after being gone for a long 10 days. I have had the best time ever. My trip to Colorado started off "Rocky" no pun intended. Once I got here and got settled in my sister; brother in law and ever sweet nephew wined and dined me to no end.

On Saturday we started out going to downtown Denver and hitting a pool hall called Wynkoop which is a microbrew and the beer tasted ever so good!! Then we headed out to a German eatery for dinner and it was YUMMY. Had a few brewski's and headed back home.

Sunday rolled around and we had to take Harley shopping for his fall concert for school - what a chore that was. We got home and got ready fo our reservations at an Italian restaurant called Maggiano's which was excellent. Diane was all excited because there were four of us which meant we got more food. We ordered the family style meal and they brought you how ever much of whatever you wanted. It was quite lovely. I of course ate way to much.

Monday - I finally got up after being awoken by Diane and we decided to the gym. All I have to say is there gym freaking rocks. It was amazing I had the best 3 mile run and my abs are still sore from pushing. I did need to workout with all the beer and food I have been eating and drinking. WOWZAAASSS.

Monday night finally rolled around and we hit the AVS game. What a great game even though they lost. They didn't play aggressive but they are a new team and with any luck in a few years they will be great. We had kick ass seats on center ice and I got awesome photos. It was a great time just hanging out and kicking back. I will say my sister is a sports NUT and I love her for it.

Special thanks to my wonderful Brother in law for not spazing about the tickets (they were pricey and ever so kick ass!!) and letting my sister out for a great girls night of play. Hockey is the greatest sport invented. It's fast and furious and more enjoyable at the stadium. We even stopped for a brownie desert on the way home which was quite yummy.

Today we went to the Garden of God's which was just breath taking and heading over then to the Cave of Winds where we took the tour of the caverns. I love when the guide tells you "Do not touch the walls." It's like yelling - "I dare you too." I however, did not touch anything for fear of the $2,500 fine.

On the way home however, it started to spit ice and snow. I'm telling you, only me, it's my travel curse. Tomorrow with any luck I will have no flight issues.

When we got back, I began the dreaded packing which is finished and will be off in the AM back home to lovely PA, where I am missing the boyz.

You are able to view all my photos of my trip on Flickr. I hope you do and hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed taking and posting them.


Blogger Diane said...

Rest up. Harley & I will see you on Friday night.

8:10 AM  

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