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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Safe in Colorado

I am now finally in Colorado. What a trip to get here. I have a feeling that I am cursed when traveling.

We got up on Friday and the meeting disbanded early so we thought we would be ever so clever and try to hook up on the 1040A flight from SD to CO. We made great time getting to the airport and got there around 9:00 - Enough time to get to the gate and thru security.

Until we got dropped off and saw the line which was wrapped around out the door and to the curb. Guess we're not making the 1040A. We stood in line for a miserable 2 hours.

When we finally got to the ticket counter we learned of the 233PM flight and chose to grab that one. My sister let out an I ROCK scream as I of course just smiled and rolled me eyes.

We take a stroll do some shopping; hit security; only to learn our flight was delayed to 319PM. Still not to bad right; well, here's were the nightmare begins, we not only get delayed one more time but twice more. 330 to 345.

At this time, I'm not amused or feeling any better regarding getting on an earlier flight from 515P.

We're both tired and cranky and the airport is hot and stuffy and smelly. I have also learned you can only people watch the same dull boring folks for so long.

Thank goodness I had my cell phone and have a bunch of friends I can rely on to talk to when I'm miserable.

So I have come to the conclusion I am cursed when it comes to any traveling other than by car. No wonder noone ever wants to fly with me even if they get free room and free meals.


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