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Monday, October 30, 2006

Thank yous and Lovings

All I'm going to say is I love my birthday and I celebrate it all weekend usually. Only because it is truly the only time a year you get to do whatever you want and NOT get in trouble. I loved hearing my friends and family say, "Where do you want to go, what do you want to do? You are the birthday girl!!"

I am not a usually selfish person but on this weekend, this one glorious weekend of my celebrated birth I am selfish!! I will admit that, because really, what mother/wife/friend spends all year thinking about themselves - normally not one. I am not that one person until my celebrated birthday. It's ok to be that way - ONCE a year.

I always make sure everyone is taken care of first and then when I finally sit down at night after all is right with the world, I double check me and ah, life is usually good.

So here is the special "THANK YOU" to all my friends who partied with me on Friday night, I love you all so very much. My life would not be complete without any of you to cry; laugh; eat and sometimes have that merry little beer with on occasion!! I do not know how any of you put up with me!!

To my wonderful adorable older sister - THANK YOU for sending the roses, what a GREAT GREAT surprise when I got home on Friday after a long day at work. Little Man loved the box and played with it for an hour.

To my little sis - Thank you for dinner out last night. Even though we sat near the cranky table and the training table, it'll give us great topic at the next big sis/little sis meal.

Love to you all!!

BTW - to all those friends invited Friday who couldn't come out and play - you were missed!!


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