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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Candy Candy Candy

How much candy does one child need? Let me spare you the agony of trying to answer this question by saying NONE!!

We heading out on the adventure of trick or treating last night with LM dressed up as a Steeler Football player (although after Sunday's blunder I was against the thought of supporting them.) to hit only a few houses on our street (cause you know I only like X amount of our neighbors).

My cheerful little boy became indulged with more candy than one could ever imagine. He was really into going up ringing the doorbells and screaming, "Trick or Treat!" Simply adorable, right, any mother would be proud, especially when he shouts, "THANK YOU, " as he takes off sprinting for the next candy treat.

However, this ends when we get home and he begins to rip and tear into his goodie bag. All he wanted was the M&M's. Daddy willingly opens the tiny bag and proceeds to pour the chocolate covered yummies into a dish. This is where things go to hell in a hand basket and I'm talking downward spinning spiral out of control emotion begins to pour out of what seemed to be once a happy little boy.

He didn't want them in a bowl, but in the packet so he could eat them one by one right from the bag!! Well, holy flippen cow - the next thing I hear - TING TING TING TING - the sound of a million candies all over my kitchen floor and more storming around by a now wild crazed 3 year old not getting his way.

Now here is were M-O-M enters (of course) and begins to pick up the candies telling her beloved little man - no more candy; no more trick or treating - straight to bed for you.

Ah, I finally remember exactly why I dislike Halloween. It really does turn your little precious angel into the devil!!

Today, all the candy came to work with me and my co-workers are feasting!!


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